Welcome to my website. On this page, I publish new content about my projects on an irregular basis. You can also find me on Google Plus, Researchgate, Xing and LinkedIn:

I am a software engineer mainly working with Java and Python. I publish new content in the context of software engineering on an irregular basis. My main concern is to cover issues that have cost me a lot of time or surprised me in some way. My hope is that I can save you time or point you at some interesting things.

My website is structured in main sections that are reflected in the navigation. Each main section covers a certain topic that is further subdivided in one more level of abstraction. Content is written in the form of articles.


Layout Update: 02-Jan-2020
Layout Update and Content Migration

Changed the website layout and added a more comprehensive menu. Content is beeing rebuild starting with core Java articles. The rest will follow in the next days.

New Structure: 21-Oct-2019
New Website Structure

Changed the website structure and format to better fit more content.